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  • What ages are accepted?
    12-17 years old.
  • Any prerequisites?
    A, minimum, one year playing experience is required.
  • What goes on each day?
    The Soundwall camp is run like a standard music camp. The classes cover instrumental technique, music theory, music history, rehearsal techniques, ensemble skills, and performance practice. However, the emphasis is on rock music instead of jazz, classical, marching band, etc. Students play all styles of rock, from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Tool. Three meals a day are provided in the Campus Student Union.
  • What is housing like?
    Students are housed according to age and gender, two per room with shared bathrooms, in one of the campus dorm buildings. The dorm is a ten-minute walk from the music building. Staff is housed in the same building, same floor, interspersed every four or five rooms. The girls are in a separate wing with female staff. Boys are not allowed in the girl's wing.
  • Besides playing music, are there other activities?"
    There are, however it's been our experience that the students are primarily interested in music. We've never had any luck arranging basketball games or other activities. Most would play in their bands 24 hours per day if we allowed them.
  • Tell me about the staff.
    We have a very dedicated, highly skilled and educated staff. Made up of professional musician/educators, 90% of our staff return each year. The minimum age for staff is 21.
  • How can my child contact me?
    There are pay phones available on campus. It's best to provide a phone card. Successful cell phone use is limited to certain areas, primarily the music building.
  • Who do we contact in an emergency?
    The camp phone number, for emergencies, will be available on the first day of camp. John Xepoleas cell is (925) 787-2437
  • How do we contact the camp for a non-emergency?
    E-mail is best: We'll check e-mail several times daily.
  • Tell me about the supervision.
    There is a lot of supervision at Soundwall. The student/teacher ratio is very good, approx. 5:1. Teachers and counselors live in the dorm and supervise all students. All rules, and especially those regarding whereabouts, are strictly enforced. Students are never allowed to leave campus without a staff chaperone. Please note the list of rules included in the application.
  • Does Soundwall provide transportation to and from camp?
    Soundwall provides no transportation for campers to and from UCSC.
  • Do you provide transportation to and from the San Jose airport?
    See the following link for a list of transport services that UCSC uses:
  • Can my child stay an extra night to catch a Saturday morning flight out of San Jose?
    Soundwall does not provide housing or supervision beyond Friday.
  • When do we check in?
    Sunday check-in's are at 2pm.
  • When do we check out?
    Students will be ready to leave directly after the Friday night concert.
  • I'd like to contact a parent of a camper from previous years.
    Send an e-mail to and we'll provide contact information.
  • How many students do you accept to each student?
    We accept 70 per session.
  • Does the camp fill up quickly?
    The camp fills up quickly for bassists and drummers. This is because we're limited to one bassist and one drummer per band. There are usually fifteen bands per camp.
  • How many girls attend the camp?
    About 30%.
  • Are there females on staff?
    Yes, there are, minimum, two female staff members per camp.
  • Why do you require an audition recording?
    We want to ensure that every camper has a good experience at Soundwall.
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