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Soundwall Music Camps are open to students ages 12 - 17 who have a minimum of one year playing/study experience. The camps are designed for young musicians who want to have the time-of-their-life performing music everyday with students their own age. Some of the music fundamentals we teach are: instrument technique; rock music history; basic music theory; vocal performance; band dynamics; song writing; recording theory and techniques, understanding odd time signatures; developing bass and drum teamwork as well as how to prepare for a performance.



Performing in a band is one of the most popular aspects of the Soundwall experience. On the first day of camp the students are grouped into bands according to their age, playing ability and the style of music they prefer to perform. Then, every day the students rehearse with their band under the guidance of our professional staff. As the students rehearse, they learn
performance techniques such as: dynamics; understanding song form; how to work together in a group; communication skills and how to deliver the song in a performance. The camp ends with a final concert for family and friends held in a state-of-the-art concert hall with professional lighting and sound.



Soundwall Music Camps comprise a unique music education program for young rock musicians and offer an environment not found in private lessons or school music programs. We offer young musicians who play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and/or sing, the chance to work with other young players under the guidance of seasoned instructors who are also working musicians. Soundwall students are encouraged to study, develop, and hone their craft. They learn that with practice, dedication and a great attitude, they can become the best musician they can possibly be!

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